Commisioning a Portrait

Wherever possible, I prefer to visit you at home. This way the subject is in a more relaxed enviroment that they are comfortable in. It also allows me to take my own photos, which I prefer working from as it gives me an opportunity to get an idea of the animal's character.

I will also be able to take notes of any particular requests you have for your picture. People often recognise what is a good or bad photo of themselves, and by meeting the subject and talking to their owner I can better understand the subject's personality and the owner's wishes for the portrait.

At this stage I can also discuss if you want me to organise framing for you, and on request I can bring a selection of frames for you to consider.

Timings depend on my work load, but I am happy to discuss this should you want a picture completed for a special occasion.

Please note that following moving to Oman for a few years arranging framing will temporarily not be possible and time frames will vary.

Please get in touch to find out more